Suzy Boldrick Grandmother Granddaughter NY & Washington, DC

Taking a Teenager to see the “Big City” and you are the Grandmother is a terrific challenge. What do you see? Have you covered all the places that would interest a teenager? What kind of night life would they like to experience and above all, what will make this trip the trip of a lifetime? I’ve got the answer.

Discover New York and Beyond is it! Kitt Garrett, the CEO, and her staff are a wealth of information about the city you wish to visit, about the sights you should see with your grandchild, friend, or whomever you are with…PLUS a ride wherever you go. Then, to top it off, would you like to experience meals that are beyond belief! (the best hot dog in Washington, D. C. or maybe the best gourmet meal in NYC). I did all this and now have Memories that my family will cherish forever.

Thank you Kitt,

Suzy Boldrick (a grandmother from Midland, Texas!)

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