Susan Weissberg – Wylly’s Professional Travel – Grandmother-Granddaughter Trip

I wanted to introduce my 8 year old granddaughter to the sculptures of New York City, so I contacted Kitt to plan this special day for us. The experience was above and beyond our expectations. We were first greeted by our wonderful guide who escorted us to various outdoor and indoor sculptures in the Manhattan area and in each venue, explained the background and history of each work of art in terms that an 8 year old could understand. We then proceeded to a sculptor’s loft where the artist reviewed in great detail the process of making sculptures. She then proceeded to make a mold of our hands and this sculpture will serve as a memory of our special day together. I don’t know who enjoyed the experience more, my granddaughter or myself and it is a day that we will never forget!

Susan Weissberg
Wylly’s Professional Travel

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