Lyn Hunt – Fun Girls’ Trip

Since birth, New York has always been my favorite city. I am told that as a small child I would get on my red rocking horse and inform all that I was “going to New York”. In my forty five years of visiting your city, I have never had a fuller or more wonderful stay.

Kitt’s recommendations were right on target for everything we did. Starting off the with a tour with a guide taking us through Manhattan was perfect and definitely the highlight for me. It will now be a must for every trip. We only wish she had been at our side every step of the trip. The seats at the plays and restaurants were fantastic. Our contacts went above the call on our backstage tour. Our favorite part were the plays and each was wonderful.

The bad thing about New York is that there is no way to do everything, but the good thing is that means we have to return. Will definitely include Discover New York on our next trip.

Thanks for all you and your staff did to make this a perfect trip.

Lyn Hunt


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