Janet and Troy Hess: Family Travel with Children

We have put off a trip to NYC as a family for a few years as the prospect for me (as the planner in the family) was just too overwhelming.  With 3 girls at such different ages (15, 12 and 7) and SUCH different interests, I felt a successful trip was impossible.  Thank goodness we were put in touch with Kitt and her team … from minute one I started ENJOYING the planning process instead of dreading it!  I especially appreciated the way she got to know us so well before offering her suggestions … this was truly, truly a customized trip by a team that really cares about us as individuals.  On the flip side, Kitt and her team are no push over’s, which to me separates them from an average company that just agrees with whatever a client says.  The suggestions they made that might have been contrary to my husband and I’s first thoughts were SO RIGHT 100% of the time!  If someone thinks they can put together a successful trip to NYC by reading a few books or mousing around on the internet long enough, I beg to differ.  DNY is worth their weight in gold.

My daughter Abby lit up like a Christmas tree after our experience at Wicked … the actress first decided to act right around my daughter’s age … what a motivational moment that might inspire a lifetime!

My daughter Julia has been to many sporting events but was blown away by how good our seats were at the Yankee’s game.

Lastly, my daughter Carly (7) was able to learn so much more than I had anticipated because the tour guides were private and kept her age in mind.  From the air conditioned transportation waiting for us, to avoiding long lines, to the impromptu stop at a donut shop for her, she was not lost in the crowd.

In short, we’re so very glad we used DNY and we’d recommend it highly.

Janet Hess


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