Chris Clark Inter-generational Trip of a Life Time With Discover New York and Beyond

My family is from Birmingham, Alabama and as the Grandmother, I wanted to give my family the trip of a lifetime.  We began by taking a family poll of places they would like to visit.  I have to admit that I really wanted to go to New York and when one other member of the family also selected New York; that was two votes for New York, Yea!

We began this incredible journey with my local travel agent, Ann Johnston with Andavo Travel and she found Kitt Garrett, at Discover New York and Beyond for us.  My family really presented a challenge for Kitt because of the interest and age diversity (13 to 70+) (Party of 8). We had a four day window to travel.   I asked that we schedule as many activities as possible for that period because I did not want our two teenagers to get bored.  All of the family members participated in the activity selection to provide something for everyone. Following was our selection:

(Wednesday) (Day of Arrival in New York) transfer from the airport to our hotel with an amazing tasting tour through one of NY’s famous areas with private guide

(Thursday)A Cruise and another Walking Tour w Food tastings with private guides (Grandson and Mother to visit Columbia University) Dinner at a great restaurant and Broadway show “The Cripple of Inishmaan”.

(Friday, July 4th) Tour through New York’s Central Park, Dinner and fireworks at one of NY’s best restaurants where we could view the spectacular fireworks.

(Saturday) Broadway insiders activity for “Kinky Boots” (Granddaughter and Grandmother), Special Squash game for Son in law with squash pro at a private club, Private Cooking Class, Museum, Dinner at an ethnic Restaurant and Broadway show “Kinky Boots”.

(Sunday) Special walking tour with private guide.  Transfer back to the airport.

As you can see, from our activities and thanks to “Discover New York and Beyond” we truly did DISCOVER NEW YORK. I asked my family members to comment on at least one thing that they enjoyed.  Following are their comments:

(Daughter) Of course there were many things I enjoyed about our NYC trip and all the delightful people who took care of us. But just to highlight just one activity, it would be cooking with my family.  The cooking school has a most spacious, functional and beautiful kitchen in Manhattan.  Our instructor put us all to work in fun and interesting ways. My 52 – year-old bachelor brother does not even cook at home but was genuinely engaged in the sauce and pasta making process – priceless!


(Son-in-law) Number 1 favorite was the dinner and fireworks..  The ambiance, the food and view were spectacular. It was very memorable to arrive early for dinner and have our driver explore the area  in our vehicle and then take my Mother and friend back to their apartment at the end of the evening in addition to returning to the hotel with the rest of us.  I also enjoyed the tasting tour and the food was great.  Harbor Cruise and food tour were great.  “Best sandwiches ever, Great Pizza, everyone else loved the Belgian Waffle and Ice cream but not me. I loved getting to play Squash at a private club.  Our Park tour was beautiful.  On the way our guide let us stop at a great Bagel shop, Great Bagels.

(Grandson) My favorite part of the trip was going to a museum in my free time. It was not part of the itinerary, but I was able to go at my own pace.  While I have never taken any formal art but history,  and I admit to knowing nothing about the pieces in the Museum, I found the art in the museum stunning! (Especially Jackson Pollock’s Abstract paintings and Rene’ Magritte’s “Empire of Light” was breathtaking.

(Granddaughter) My favorites was the theater activity, Fire Works, “Kinky Boots” Musical, “The Cripple of Inishmaan” Broadway Play, and our tour guides.

(Grandmother, Lorraine Feldman)  All the planning was worth it! It was a very special week with the family.  We appreciate all the effort.  Everyone was healthy and the weather was in our favor as well.  We have incredible memories!

(Grandmother, Chris Clark) Getting to see the fireworks in New York has always been a “Bucket List” must do.  The fireworks were moved this year to the East River and the Brooklyn Bridge.  I don’t know how Kitt did it, but she made special arrangements for a party of 8 to enjoy the most wonderful dinner ever and fireworks.  The restaurant is not large, so you can imagine that I felt like the “Queen of England” being able to have such a perfect view of the fireworks.  They were so close, one could reach out and touch them.  I also especially enjoyed the theater activity at the Kinky Boots  with my Granddaughter and then the show “Kinky Boots” to see how it was really done.  My favorite foods were the Belgian Waffle with ice cream and Bagels in Brooklyn  Thank you, Ann and Kitt for making my dream come true.

My Daughter said, “Thank you for having the vision and follow through to make this trip happen.  It was a lovely thing to do for us all!!!!!!!”


Chris Clark

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