Hanne Clingman: Solo International Traveler

Coming from a small town in Denmark to New York for the first time in your life and by yourself is a giant step. I must admit I was rather nervous and apprehensive. Stacy Hart, Belle Meade Vacations Office, suggested that we use the services of Kitt and her staff at Discover New York and Beyond. The best decision I ever made. From the moment I set foot at the airport, I was in the best of hands. The driver who met me at the airport thought I was a famous movie star – and trust me it was not because of my looks – but because of the way Discover New York and Beyond treated me and had made sure that everything was taken care of and looked after from the minute I set foot in NYC.

My adventure started. My first day of touring was with the best guide ever. She was a fountain of knowledge of New York today and way back. I learned so much that first day, it was unbelievable. What comes to mind are the Cathedrals, Universities and much more. Walking along the historic structure of one of the City’s Parks and witnessing how they had taken advantage of the past to enhance the present was extremely interesting.

The next day I was taken shopping and I was so fortunate to be taken  “behind the scenes” to some of New York’s up and coming designers. Based on one picture of me, my very experienced guide had found just the right places for me to visit. It was a wonderful experience and lots of fun.

I had told Kitt that I loved jazz, and naturally she organized an evening at one of NYC’s famous clubs. It was an unforgettable evening! Fantastic and memorable.

When Kitt came to the hotel to see me off, she asked me what was the highlight of the tour, and I must admit it was a difficult question, but since I had to make choice, it had to be the very last day of my visit. It had to be the visits to NYC’s iconic landmarks. All these places came to life through my guide and her stories. She had an ability to make history come alive, you felt you were part of it. She had witnessed 9/11 and made you witness it through her eyes. I will never forget that day with her. It’s beyond words!

The visit was balanced so I also had time for myself, e.g. to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, MoMA, the Rockefeller Center, Time Square and much more. I had time to play at being a native New Yorker, exploring and riding the subway all by myself. At the end of the visit I had to conclude that I had truly been treated as a famous movie star, thanks to Kitt and her staff.’

Hanne Clingman

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