Stomp – Playing Off Broadway

This is a production for people that love percussion. Stomp takes place in a fenced-in, junkyard environment where custodial-type workers in coveralls and tank tops appear one-by-one onstage, all sweeping the bare stage with push brooms. There is a lot of dust kicked up so, beware if you have breathing challenges. Slowly, all those dissonant sweeping noises lock into a syncopated rhythm, as the cast proceeds to milk funky-funky beats from a number of workaday objects: Zippo lighters, industrial-sized garbage cans, newspapers, plastic jugs, hubcaps, running water, even the kitchen sink! There’s no traditional storyline, per se, except maybe a running gag involving a character who marches to the beat of a different drum, literally. Perfect for the whole family, especially international groups where language is not an issue since the production is entirely percussion based rather than story based.

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