In & Of Itself

Every once in a while, you leave the theater knowing that you have just experienced something truly extraordinary.  IN & OF ITSELF is a sequence of events rather than a traditional play, with a beginning, a middle and an end.

Derek DelGaudio is both the writer and performer.  He is a three-time Academy of Magical Arts Award-winning magician.  In addition, in 2014 Derek was selected to be the artist in Residence for Walt Disney Imagineering and this year the Academy of Magical Arts awarded Derek its high honor, Magician of the Year. Knowing Derek’s background, what you are about to experience is part real, part illusion and all fantastic.

The press kit is a good teaser:

“A story reveals the illusion of one’s identity in Derek DelGaudio’s modern allegory, IN & OF ITSELF. New ways of seeing the unseeable are explored, as memories from yesterday, inexplicable events witnessed today and secrets imagined for tomorrow all blend together, creating a perpetual paradox of a show. The writer and producers of NOTHING TO HIDE reunite with executive producer Neil Patrick Harris to present this theatrical experience, directed by Frank Oz.”

Recommended for audiences that love to be challenged in thoughtful ways and truly astounded.  Note: children under 16 will not be admitted.

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