Hamilton is simply sensational. It’s Ron Chernow’s biography of Alexander Hamilton’s life as a “bastard orphan”, born in Nevis, who spent his early childhood in St. Croix and came to America with dreams and ambitions to make his own way. It’s “our story” as American’s, the freedom to speak one’s mind and the courtesy to be heard, the struggle for power, the art of the compromise and the humanity of our forefathers to create this nation from individual states all told in a very creative and thoughtful way.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is the composer, lyricist and star of Hamilton. The energy level of this production is electric. This is a beautiful and intricately woven tapestry of a story using a variety of musical genres from Rap to Hip-Hop, R&B and Ballads to bring the story of Alexander Hamilton to life. The direction, lighting, staging, choreography and music and lyrics are stunning. It’s a musical to remember for a long time.

It’s a production with so many interesting levels; a political perspective of the founding of our country, a look at the life of an immigrant from the Caribbean who arrives in New York with an insatiable curiosity and powerful intellect. He wants to lead a regiment in the American Revolution and becomes George Washington’s right hand man. It’s a love story including the country’s first sex scandal, and all performed by a multi-racial cast. It is America. It is what immigrants bring to America. It’s the hopes and dreams of people fighting for principals and ideals. It’s the birth of our nation and the people that helped make this an independent country.

Recommended for anyone that wants to understand more about America’s fundamental principles to form a government of the people by the people.

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