Everything about this new musical is terrific.  The story begins with the lavish lifestyle of the Romanov family ruling the Russian Empire in St. Petersburg.  It’s part history, part mystery and all love story. With the revolt of the working class, members of the Cheka assassinated the family on July 17, 1918.  The mystery of whether Anastasia survived is still an unanswered question and the premise of this show.  If   Anastasia is alive, where has she been and what is her future?

The cast has wonderful chemistry.  The set design is stunning and the costumes are gorgeous.  It is sheer delight to attend a Broadway show with such wide appeal.

Recommended for anyone who loves a fairytale story!

Seating notes: The Broadhurst Theatre’s mezzanine requires the audience to climb an extremely steep set of stairs from the orchestra level to the top of the balcony and then walk down.  If you have challenges with stairs, stay on the orchestra level. The sight lines to the action on the sides of the stage require seating closer to the center of the theatre.

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