This production of Aladdin is sheer entertainment.  It’s a fun show with intricately detailed and imaginative costumes, dialogue with lots of puns, gorgeous lighting, beautiful set designs and staging.  The biggest surprise is that this is not a “kids” show.  It is great family entertainment executed exactly the way you expect to be immersed in a Disney production.

Based on the 1992 Disney movie, Aladdin, is a poor street kid who falls in love with a princess.  Aladdin takes a journey to win the affections of his princess and includes a magic lamp, a Genie, good friends and a terrific sense of humor and more than his share of charm.

Fun facts:

337: There are 337 costumes in the show based upon 136 individual designs.
161: There are 161 custom-made shoes in “Aladdin”.
58: There are 58 costume changes that take place in less than a minute.

Recommend for anyone that wants to step into the world of entertainment and let your imagination fly on the magic carpet.  Families with well behaved children three and over should find this a wonderful option.  In true Disney Style, merchandise is available.  Tickets in the VIP Section include an Aladdin pin, VIP tag and lanyard and VIP guest souvenir plus one non-alcoholic drink.

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