Why Wait for St. Patrick’s Day to Celebrate Irish History?

Posted on Mar 15, 2016

Explore the heritage and history of the Irish in a variety of cities this year.

Considered one of America’s most Irish cities, the Irish were the first European people to substantially challenge English cultural dominance in colonial America​.  They successfully demonstrated ​that ethnicity could have long-lasting ​, positive, ​social and demographic consequences. Explore ​their history and include one of the most famous families from Boston, the Kennedy’s.

New York City:
The ​ Irish community in ​New York ​is one of the most important​ ​ ethnic groups and has been significant since the waves of immigration in the late 19th Century. ​Trace your family history from Ellis Island, visit the Old St. Patrick’s and the newly restored St. Patrick’s Cathedral.


A significant Irish community lived in Philadelphia since ​before the American revolution and participated in pro-Revolutionary activities in Philadelphia during the Revolutionary War. Even William Penn had ties to Ireland where he converted to Quakerism as a result of a sermon preached in Cork.

During the 19th Century, the Irish contributed to the economic development in Georgia working on the plantations, building highways and railroads, digging canals, mining coal and improving commerce and trade.  Today, over 300,000 people enjoy the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and make it a three-day festival.

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