Trivial Trash Arrives on Broadway….in Jerusalem

Posted on Apr 22, 2011

Could Ben Brantley have possibly seen the same Jerusalem that we saw?  The British transplant is a tornado of trivial trash.  The story follows Johnny “Rooster” Byron, a middle-aged alcoholic who lives in a rundown trailer deep in the woods on the outskirts of an English town. The citizens of the village are fed up with his drunken antics and an eviction notice has been delivered to his door. Byron decides to ignore the notice and spends the remaining day drinking and doing drugs with a group of teenagers who often visit him to escape their home lives. Trouble ensues when one teenager’s father comes looking for his daughter after she has disappeared.
The characters, including young teenagers, spend the entire play abusing alcohol and a variety of drugs. Expletives are sprinkled throughout the dialogue. There is a very brutal act of violence with plenty of blood.

It’s hard to watch the very talented and Tony award winning actor, Mark Rylance in this nonsense ridden production cast with English country accents so challenging to understand that the story simply sinks to incomprehensible.

Unlike Boeing Boeing, where the story line was cute and the timing terrific, this “camp” production watching a former dare devil dispensing drugs, alcohol and fantastic fables is simply not fun. You can watch a current TV star do the same thing for free on TV virtually nightly on the news.

Not one person seated around me had any idea what the plot was and most simply left the theater confused and disappointed at intermission. If you need to wait until the second act to understand the story, you and the writer have wasted your time.

Think it was a hit in England because the audience at least understood the words if not the plot.

Too much else on Broadway with a good story line to suggest this to anyone.  Click here for additional options and let us know your favorites!

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