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Posted on Feb 14, 2012

Thank you for your inquiry & request for help.

Discover New York is a service provider creating itineraries from touchdown to take off to meet your goals and budget. Creative development fees apply to design the program for you and vary depending upon the complexity of the program and the number of guests.

How to use DNY services:

By providing your specific interests and budget goals, DNY will create transformational travel experiences that include special touches that cannot be purchased on the internet. Packages are custom designed to include hotel, theater tickets with the opportunity to go backstage with a cast member to see the wigs, props and costumes or learn the opening number to the show with a cast member in a rehearsal studio so that the trip is a total experience and you look like a star.

Discover New York is a service provider, using expert local knowledge to access the best venues, guides, restaurants to create a seamless touchdown to takeoff itinerary and then manage the program during the entire stay with 24/7 access to our Destination Specialists.  Pricing is presented as a complete package including the cost to deliver the itinerary with all taxes and gratuities.  If you wish to book individual components, please use the Internet.  DNY is not a ticket broker, nor a transfer company selling individual components of a trip.

What does DNY need to create a program to help receive a quote faster?

What makes a trip great is to be able to enjoy things are personally interesting to you rather than what a single trip planner might design for you or your group on a tour, or meeting planner designing a sales incentive program.

What have you always wanted to do? Working with your travel professional, discuss your likes and dislikes.  This will help you to meet your budget and goals at the level of service that you desireBe honest about the pacing of your trip. Do you want free time mixed with structure?  Should all restaurant reservations be made in advance, or do you want to stroll through a neighborhood and discover something on your own?

Start with the itinerary and make sure that works for youOnly then, consider hotel options so that you can walk to most places. The selection of hotels in most large cities will provide lots of options at different price points. Value added breakfasts, upgrades and amenities need to be considered against just a lower priced option where a run-of-the-house room has you looking at a wall out your window. It’s the value of the experience as a package rather than just a low price with lots of additions to it. 

This is especially true when considering a cruise. Many of the less expensive cruise packages add so many on board extras items that the final price skyrockets.  It might be best to consider a more expensive and more all inclusive cruise as the better value.

When looking at a package from a supplier, consider if the offer has included gratuities for all the guides and drivers, or if this will be your responsibility to handle each time the tour ends.  Having local currency and understanding what an appropriate gratuity should be can be confusing.  Those companies that include the gratuities make the experience seamless for you since those fees have been included.

Maximizing your time on any trip will help you be able to enjoy it more.   A great Travel Professional can offer a package of services at less cost than if you just ask for a specific cost for each line item.  Working as a team with a local Destination Specialist, the local specialist can see the local ingredients, and use them to create your trip from touchdown to takeoff.  Different ingredients have a different cost.  Sitting in the VIP seats at a concert, sporting event or Broadway theatre are going to cost more than side or rear orchestra.  You can save a lot by booking a fabulous show that has availability, versus one that is sold out commanding high prices.  Have a discussion with your Travel Advisor and local specialist to discuss options at various price points.  Schedule a call with your Travel Advisor and her/his Specialist to describe in detail the experiences that you are interested in to make sure that they really do meet your goals. They work as a team to create the perfect trip for you.

Combining ingredients can save both time and money for you. If you request line items, then you may simply eliminate your wish list options due to the stand alone price which may not be necessary at all.  Ask for the package at your price goal and see what can be created for you to make the entire trip work correctly.

Travel Professionals offer advice just like your doctor or attorney.  Their time and expertise are valuable.  Those fees will be included in
the final quote so the more information that you provide from the beginning, the more time that you will save in the creation of the trip. It’s faster and easier to chat by phone than work by e-mail back and forth.

Checklist to help you help your Travel Advisor provide a quote more quickly:

  • Your first and last name, address, phone, fax, e-mail.
  • First and last names and ages of all guests.
  • Purpose of the trip: Corporate Incentive, Board of
    Director’s Meeting, leisure birthday celebration, honeymoon, Corporate or
    Personal Anniversary Celebration, girl’s weekend etc.
  • Arrival and departure day and date…Friday, June 15 –Sunday, June 17, 2012.
  • Flight details that come closest to what best will meet your needs.
  • Total budget per room night.  Please understand that many apartments are more expensive than hotels.  Many hotels
    have kitchenette facilities that will allow you to keep things in a refrigerator and use a microwave.  
  • The configuration of the hotel rooms with each person’s name in the request: i.e., one king for Susie and John Smith, connecting to a room with two beds with the names of the guests in each room, Alice (12) and John (14).
  • The total budget per room night goal.
  • A list of must/see, must/do activities.  If children will be on the trip, how do they spend their time after school and on weekends? This allows your Travel Advisor to work with the local Destination Specialist to create programming options that are custom designed to match the interests of the children so that they learn and the program is more fun.
  • The total budget goal for the entire trip. If you do not have a budget, that’s fine. Think carefully about what will work for you and share it.  If you were going to purchase a house or apartment, you would have a budget to provide to the broker.  This is exactly the same thing and will maximize your time to receive the information that works for you.

Please do let us know if you have any questions about creating a trip. It would be our pleasure to help you! Send an e-mail to with any comments or questions that you may have.


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