This October, Get Inspired to Participate in the 42nd Annual Halloween Parade!

Posted on Oct 7, 2015

Goblins and ghosts are out and about all over New York City. The City’s Cemeteries are filled with the famous and infamous; from the Potter’s Fields for paupers to the mausoleums for the Powerbroker’s. This is a wonderful way to learn about the people that made New York famous, while strolling among the gorgeous landscaped grounds.

The American Museum of Natural History has its own unique way of looking at the world of the creepy and crawly ! Start with the exhibition about Spiders Alive and then learn how 100 trillion bacteria live not only inside but on us.

Explore a Haunted House or head to the New York Historical Society Museum & Library to see the new exhibition, Superheroes Soar, a great inspiration.

Finally, make or rent a cool costume in order to participate in the largest Halloween Parade in the country, the 42nd Annual Greenwich Village Parade.

The Parade starts at 7:00 PM and continues up Sixth Avenue from Canal to 16th Street. Only those in costume are welcome to join the Parade. If you decide against a costume, you can still celebrate standing amongst 500,000 cheering people. The party continues till 11:00 PM. This years’ theme: Shine a Light!

Contact a Discover New York and Beyond Destination Specialist to create the ideal itinerary for you to meet your budget and goals.

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