The People in the Picture bring memories to life

Posted on Apr 18, 2011

A caption would be really helpful before seeing this show to explain the time lapses back and forth so that you can keep the characters straight.  The music is gorgeous by Mike Stoller (songwriting team of Leiber & Stoller, Elvis Presley recorded more than 20 of their songs, including “Hound Dog” and Jailhouse Rock) and Artie Butler, who was discovered by songwriters Leiber & Stoller.  The issue is really the acoustics at Studio 54 with the echo and very strong dialects from Poland make this extremely challenging to follow the dialogue.  The lighting is beautiful and the set design simple and interesting.

Bubbie is a grandmother in 1970s New York City who was once the darling of Yiddish Theatre in pre-war Poland. Although her granddaughter Jenny is enchanted by her tales of the old world, her daughter Red, a TV writer, will do anything to keep from looking back at the Holocaust and her childhood in Warsaw.

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