Spider-Man the Musical still clings to life

Posted on Jun 1, 2011

Is Spider-Man any better now than it was six months ago?  It’s still in previews, and still needs lots of work.  Back in December, Spider-Man was a spectacle worthy of Las Vegas with high flying scenes and fabulous costumes.  Although there was not clear story line and music was not great, it was an interesting show.

This revamp has a story line, although dismal, the costumes have been cut way back because characters have been eliminated.  The music is blaring to point of washing over the lyrics so whatever story line has been written is impossible to follow. 

So, who is the audience for this $70 million extravaganza?  The Middle School and High School groups were truly audible in their flirtations with Peter Parker/Spiderman throughout the show!  They loved the flying and costumes, and don’t care if they can understand the words.  The show is still a work in process.  Look forward to the next update after the show officially opens and see if they have made some improvements.  That will be the third time to see it and hopefully, will be the best.  All of us hope so!

Let us know if you have seen the latest version and what you think!

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