“Shaping NYC” Celebrating 100 Years of Zoning 1916

Posted on Jul 26, 2016

Ever wonder why New York City looks the way it does?  A lot has to do with New York’s Zoning regulations, the “language of the physical city”. These regulations allow the City’s diverse neighborhoods to preserve their varying density and character.

Before July 25, 1916, builders could erect massive buildings that prevented sunlight from reaching the sidewalks of New York.  Can you believe how fast NYC’s skyline is changing and will continue to change?

The sheer number of new, super-tall skyscrapers in midtown Manhattan are creating controversy about who lives where, and what kind of shadows these buildings will cast.  Locals wonder if the residents will actually live and work in these buildings and become active members of the communities.

Explore the striking changes that are taking place all over the City, from Manhattan to Queens, and Brooklyn.  Take time to visit NYC’s first Historic District, Brooklyn Heights with over 1,100 townhouses, 800 of them were built before 1860!  Compare and contrast the new buildings along the waterfront in Williamsburg and the new Greenpoint Landing that strive to offer great views and amenities that bring people together.

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