Matching the right theater experience with expectations

Posted on Jul 22, 2011

Broadening the audience for theater these days has provided a rich variety of options.  War Horse and Master Class are amazing plays.  For musical theater buffs, Catch Me If You Can and the revival of Anything Goes and the new Sister Act are great.  To capture the younger and more hip audiences, Rent is returning, Hair is back, although so loud, you cannot understand the words, and Book of Mormon appeals to the audience that loves South Park.  So, there is something for everyone. 

The amazing talents of the actors that come to perform on Broadway seem to be sabotaged with horrible writing and not sure why.  Wonderland was an example that came and went in a nanosecond.  Voca People is new and is riding the wave of trying to appeal to international audiences where dialogue is unimportant if English is not spoken.

This extremely talented cast of 8 Acapella voices, have been handed a script that is simply awful.  The sounds they create are interesting and varied.  However, turning a concert performance into a “show” with an interesting story line is another matter.  The audience interaction is ridiculous and you just want to run during the first 45 minutes.    With no intermission, you feel like a captive audience on a foreign planet waiting to be rescued until the second half when they actors are allowed to do what they do best, just sing.  It’s Blue Man Group decked out in white singing. Let us know your favorite shows!

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