Lysistrata Jones Spins Itself Into a Hoop of Hip and Flip

Posted on Nov 22, 2011

Trying hard to be gracious here and help you understand who the audience is for this “spin” on Greek Mythology contorted to the Broadway stage, and it’s simply a challenge.  It’s high school drivel, but with sheer perkiness; this might be the biggest waste of time to
hit the Broadway stage.

The story line is set in a college that looks like high school. The cast is far older than college students and there is a total disconnect watching adults portray children.  They look like stunted personalities in large bodies.

The Athens University basketball team hasn’t won a game in 30 years. But when spunky transfer student Lysistrata Jones dares the squad’s fed-up girlfriends to stop “giving it up” to their boyfriends until they win a game, their legendary losing streak could be coming to an end.

Is this really the message that you want to send to your daughter’s?  The boys end up visiting a brothel to fill in where the girlfriends left off.  The age range on the program says 8 years old and over.  The parents that had children in the theater said 14 – 15 is the starting point. They had brought their children who were 8, 10, 11, 14 and wished that they had not.  They admitted that there was going to be a lot of “explaining” at the end.  So, that says a lot about the culture that we have today and who is giving up what to get what?  Yikes!  Am I too old fashioned?  It made me very thankful to have a son and grandsons!

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