Happy Mother’s Day: Discover New York and Beyond Creates Family Travel for Mother’s Day Memories That Live Beyond You

Posted on May 8, 2013

Mother’s Day is time to think about the legacy that you leave behind based upon the way you live today.  An open letter to my family to share with each of you:

For my son Brent, and grandsons, George and John, wonderful daughter –in-law Brooke,

To me, Broadway is a pop-up story book!  The characters bring the story to life.  You will meet remarkable people on your journey, as I have on mine.  I have tried to:

1. Show up, just be there for each of you with total attention for as many hours a day that I could.

2. Nurture and encourage each of you to grow to your potential.

3. Be flexible to hear you, yet be heard.

4. Ask rather than accuse.

5. Hold and hug when I am with you and send magic kisses from afar.

6. Inspire you to see the world with an open mind.

7. Live by example of ethics and integrity, showing the true value rather than the price of things.

8. Demonstrate that it’s not how many toys you acquire; it’s how you share the toys that you have with those that don’t have them.

9. Inspire each of you to really do your best effort for yourself, your family, your community and your country and I will be proud of you!

10. Cherish every morning’s sun rise and evening’s sun set knowing they mark the remaining days of our lives on earth.

What are your best memories this Mother’s Day and how do you want your children to remember you?

At Discover New York and Beyond, we truly believe in creating extraordinary experiences that allow you to enjoy time with your family so that you have the memories to pass on from generation to generation.

  • The best intergenerational experiences are the things you do together.
  • They engage the interests of mothers, fathers, children and grandparents.
  • You can enhance a deep, loving relationship with your children and grandchildren by sharing the things you love with them, and by being available to learn about the ideas and activities that excite them.  What do they love; art, theater, sports, science, magic, music, sailing, biking, hiking or literature, food or finance?

Give a Gift Certificate for Your Family’s Trip to New York and Beyond as the perfect Mother’s Day Present.  Contact sales@dnykg.com. You’ll learn how to capture your family’s history in a personalized family journal that you will cherish for generations to come.  The team at Discover New York and Beyond will make the trip seamless, fun and meet your budget.







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