Hands on a Hard Body: An endurance test for the actors and audience to see who can last longer

Posted on Mar 1, 2013

The premise is based upon a real contest run in Longview, Texas.  Keep your hand on a brand new truck longer than anyone else, and the truck is yours!

You are watching ten hard-luck Texans, who are looking for a new lease on life as the truck spins around the stage in circles for two hours and 20 minutes.  The actors are terrific.  Some of the songs are good.  If the production were 90 minutes with no intermission it might be worth seeing.  You get the feeling that the audience is suffering as much as the characters waiting for the end of the contest.

The real irony is that most New Yorker’s don’t even have a driver’s license, no less a car or truck!

Not sure who the audience is for this with everything else that is on or opening on Broadway this season.

See what else you could be seeing!

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