Devine Dining by Design: Romera is open

Posted on Sep 29, 2011

Devine Dining by Design: Romera is open

Romera, 355 W 16th St., 10011, New York, (212) 929-5800

Precision is everywhere in the new restaurant Romera. From the moment that you enter the space, the thought and care to create a divine dining experience is everywhere.  The warm welcome by the staff cuts through the initial overly white environment so that you can begin to relax in the space.  Tables are set with white cloths, gold and white patterned place plates and Christofle cutlery.  Miniature, not small, floral arrangements are on each table.  The tables are spaced nicely to allow privacy for conversation.

The room is softened by the use the panels of see-through white fabric that hang
from the ceiling, dividing the room into cozier spaces.  The tables are set far enough apart to allow for private conversations. Fresh herbs are growing around the perimeter of the dining room in planters that soften what could be a sterile white underground space.

The dining room accommodates approximately 37 guests, with a separate area that can accommodate 8 although they say they can accommodate up to 10.

Staff uniforms are black slacks and white shirts reflecting a contemporary, young and casual feeling.

The focus is on the food.  Using the creative custom-designed lighting, each fixture hangs from the ceiling to allow every plate to be the star of the evening and the staff plays the perfect supporting role.  The lamps can be adjusted at each table to accommodate form 2 – 6 guests. 

Internationally renowned chef and physician Dr. Miguel Sanchez Romera is the head of this amazing team of professionals for your evening’s true entertainment.  Romera’s
website says:

“As a former physician with degrees in neurology and neurophysiology, Chef Romera is guided by the Hippocratic oath. For this reason he strives to control the origin and
purity of each ingredient.

With over 25 years of medical expertise, Chef Romera has developed an unparalleled understanding of the relationship between the sensorial responses evoked by food and the way in which the mind recalls and remembers the experience.

His extensive research in this field has resulted in countless innovations and a
revolutionary cooking style within the global culinary scene.”

Dining at Romera is just like being invited to someone’s home for dinner. You eat what is served, no choices. So, when making your reservation, be very clear about
your allergies and preferences so the chef can adjust to your requirements. It’s
a $245 pre-fixed 11 course menu, plus beverages, tax and gratuities, so it’s the equivalent price point of a fine dining experience including a Broadway show. 

Ingredients are carefully selected and the compositions of each dish are truly individual pieces of art with complex flavors. The infused waters are paired with each course to compliment the dish. Portions are sized for about three of four bites each, enough to provide a taste and then be able to concentrate on the flavors for the next several bites.

Trust the sommelier’s suggestions for unusual selections by the glass to add to this
amazing experience rather than selecting a bottle of something to drink throughout the meal as the flavors are constantly changing and thus, so should the wines.

This really is an evening to remember!


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