Craving For Travel and Machinal Two New Theater Options in NYC

Posted on Jan 17, 2014

Whether you love big Broadway musicals, small intimate comedy, or serious drama, the Broadway Season is kicking off with new productions weekly.  Discover New York and Beyond will keep you up to date on the selections so that you can make the best choice for what you enjoy.

Craving For Travel

Jim Strong, from Strong Travel in Texas, has produced a very cute 80 minute look at the life of a Travel Advisor and how they make clients happy, no matter how challenging the request.  Two actors take on thirty character roles with a variety of accents.  Be careful as some of the dialects are extremely fast and deep to follow some of the dialogue.

Recommended for anyone that has ever travelled and reminder to call their Travel Advisor, rather than Trip Advisor, to create a personalized itinerary!

The production runs through February 9, 2014.  Hopefully, it will be extended!


This is a slow moving production, and that is part of the story line of Sophie Treadwall’s look at life for a woman trapped in a robotic marriage where every day is the same monotony.

Looking at women’s role in society and how she strives for balance between love, work and fulfillment, the topic is as relevant today as it was when the story was written.  Based upon the infamous 1927 murder trial of Ruth Snyder, Machinal tells the story of a Young Woman, played by Rebecca Hall.  Working as a stenographer in the industrial, male-dominated world of the 1920, she finds escape with a man in an illicit love affair.  Facing her daily routine is more than she can handle, and sets out to be free.

Recommended: Sociologists will find this an interesting piece; it is neither suitable nor interesting for children.

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