Buzz versus Hype: Tony Nominations 2015 Announced for Awards on Sunday, June 7, 2015

Posted on Apr 28, 2015

The difference between buzz and hype is evident with this year’s Tony nominations. Buzz is when people talk about your show. They want to share how well the story was written, the performance by the actors, the set design’s ability to have you become part of that world and walk out of the theater feeling engaged.

Hype is how the marketing companies use PR to sell tickets and entice you to actually purchase a ticket.

At Discover New York and Beyond, the Theatre Review’s have been written with the sole purpose to help you make the best choice for a play or a musical. The more logos, the more Kitt liked it; the less logos, the less she liked it. Click on the playbill, for descriptions of the show to determine if the content is what you wish to experience.

Whether you are considering a client “Thank You”, a Meeting or Incentive Trip, or a Family Vacation to New York City, the choices of theatrical productions can seem overwhelming. A show can be widely successful and still contain content with language, sex, nudity or violence that may be offensive to some people. Unlike the movies, Broadway does not use a rating system so, the reviews you read on our site will guide you through the story line and content.

Contact the Destination Management Specialists at Discover New York and Beyond for help creating the perfect Theater experience.

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