Are YOU living your passion?

Posted on Jun 17, 2011

Tyne Daly‘s performance in Master Class is masterful!  What a joy to be in the theater and hear her coach the new, young talent and ask them to dig deep within themselves and follow their passions. 

I truly believe that I have the best job in New York City.  To wake up every day and help our client’s create magical experiences that they never even knew existed is so rewarding.   Allowing someone to really follow their passion and learn from experts is that aha moment that opens a whole new world of possibilities.

Maria Callas’s love for the meaning of the composer’s message, to completely understand the character, is exactly the way that we approach travel here.  Asking lots and lots of questions about a person’s interests so that they can dig deeper and explore opportunities is the same focus on learning that Maria wanted for her students.   

What do you love to do when you travel?  Opening doors to the world of possibilities is incredible.  Do you love the theatre and want to learn the opening number with a cast member in a rehearsal studio?  Are you curious about art and want to understand how are prints made?  You can take a- hands on class and learn make prints, paper or sculpture, whatever you wish, so that every time you look at a piece of art, you’ll see it in an entirely different light. 

Love food?  Why not take a cheese making class and learn which wines to pair with which cheese.  Or enjoy a cooking class and stay for dinner learning recipes that you will actually make at home.  The list of possibilities is truly endless.  It’s fun, creative and empowering to always be able to learn new things in an interactive way. 

Guide books can only tell you so much.  If you have questions, how is the book going to answer them?  It’s the same challenge with the audio guides.  When you have your own expert helping you to see what you are looking at and bring it to life, that’s what makes travel experiences special and memorable….the people that you meet!

What inspired you last to be the best that you can be?  Share your stories with us.

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