“Amazing” Team Building in NYC is Huge Success!

Posted on Jan 30, 2013

Your employees can be amazing while learning about the city and having a ball doing it.  Learn what David Feldman Worldwide Court Reporting had to say about their personalized experience:

we take pride in what we do.  And to us, in order to take pride in what you do, you must first “Create a Caring Family Culture.”  So naturally, we are constantly seeking better ways to reinforce our family culture because we know, based on experience, it will make working at DFW more enjoyable and productive for everyone.  Enter Kitt Garrett and Discover New York.

When our team is successful, we celebrate.  And this quarter Discover New York took celebrating to a different level for DFW.  Kitt and her team met us at the DFW office around six pm to kick-off the evening portion of our “Viking Celebration.”   Up until their arrival, we had been participating in team building exercises, a festive awards ceremony and a lively cocktail hour, and were, lets just say, full of life.   The DNY team came in, grabbed our attention, divided us up into groups, and sent four teams out on an “Amazing Race” -style scavenger hunt through the streets of New York.  Each team had two and half hours to find and cleverly photograph over twenty “clues” in exchange for points.  At 9:00 pm Kitt and her crew were waiting, with trophies for the winning team, at the finish line in an Italian restaurant in Greenwich Village.  Also waiting was a spectacular family style dinner.

The entire evening was beautifully designed and organized, right down to team scarves and personalized dinner menus.   Each member of the DFW team had an amazing time working and celebrating together, truly feeling the time and care that Kitt and DNY put into making our event one that won’t soon be forgotten.  The evening was a perfect representation of the ” Create a Caring Family Culture” value that DFW strives for on a daily basis.

Not to mention, successfully getting our team of very “sophisticated” adults to convince perfect strangers to arrange a chorus line in Times Square?  Now THAT is talent!


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