9 Tips on Entertaining VIP’s Attending a Larger Conference

Posted on Apr 26, 2016

Everyone wants to feel special, so during your next Conference, let DNY arrange exclusive, private events for your VIP’s and create a welcoming environment which can include:


  1. Special celebrity guests or speakers for personal meet and greets
  2. Private behind-the-scene access to special venues with an “expert”
  3. Unique culinary experiences
  4. Customized sightseeing experiences with a “twist”
  5. Personalized shopping experiences
  6. Beyond Broadway with the Stars
  7. Private Lunches, Dinners and Cruises
  8. Musical Evenings focused on Jazz, Blues, Classical or Rock performances
  9. Private boxes for concerts and sporting events

Contact a Discover New York and Beyond Destination Specialist to create the perfect VIP event for your colleagues or clients.


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