6 Tips When Traveling with Children: Discover New York and Beyond Knows Family Travel

Posted on Apr 22, 2013

“93% of kids 8 –18 see family travel as a chance to spend “quality time” with their parents and grandparents according to Travel Effect. 

DNY knows how to create your itinerary to work perfectly and maximize your time.  Instead of spending hours on the internet and wondering if your selections might, work, the specialists at DNY will make sure that you have “quality time”.  Get inspired by other families through Shared Stories to give you some ideas about what you can do on your trip.

Before you book your next trip, consider the following 6 tips to help you create lasting memories:

  1. Include hands-on interactive experiences that allow quality time as a family with children, parents and grandparents.
  2. Involve your children and grandchildren by asking for their wish list of what they want to do.
  3. Create the Itinerary first.  Remember, what you do is more important than where you stay.  DNY will recommend options for  accommodations that will maximize your time and minimize the transportation.  Tell your family travel specialist how the children spend their time after school and on the weekends.  This will help to create experiences that work for how they enjoy spending their time and how they learn.
  4. Try new activities that you would not do at home to broaden your children’s horizons and bring all of you together.
  5. Make sure that your overview tour includes opportunities to stop and walk around the neighborhoods.
  6. Experiment with a variety of ethnic tastes by sampling the specialties from mom and pop venues.  Please  remember that formal restaurants enjoy having adults be able to dine  without children.  Your family travel specialist knows the best options for you and your family.


2 out of 3 adults ages 55+ remember family vacations from as early as five years old.

Contact sales@dnykg.com to design your family vacation.

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