6 Tips for Celebrating Graduations in NYC

Posted on Apr 29, 2014

Graduation is one of many major milestones celebrated among families and friends. Why not let Discover New York and Beyond help you mark this milestone event with a trip to New York City? Whether the trip is a surprise for your graduate and/or to help your families reconnect by enriching their experience and lasting memories, DNY can personalize an itinerary to meet your goals and budget. Helping you with every detail to make sure the event works perfectly is our expertise.

Some basic tips to keep in mind:

  1. Invitations: Family and Friends love to celebrate.  Sending out a Graduation Announcement is the perfect way to allow everyone to feel included even if they may be unable to attend. Remember that out of town guests will incur the cost of transportation, possible hotel accommodations and other planned events which they are also participants.
  2. Budget: A good party begins with planning.  Involve DNY in the planning process beginning with a budget and a guest-list limit.  Be realistic and candid about how far the money will go–great life lesson. DNY has a wealth of options that can be suited to meet your budget.
  3. Hotel:  There are many hotels in New York to choose from. DNY has established relationships with many hotels and can help you get the best rates including special amenities. Determining the hotel locations and rooming needs that would work best during your visit is just as crucial as your budget. Being within walking distance will help you save time and money for all your guests.
  4. Dining/Food & Beverage: Food also brings families together. Restaurants are one of many options to help celebrate the occasion. DNY works with a wide variety of venues that can accommodate your group size. Whether it’s a lunch or dinner event, from casual or formal affair with private dining, we can help you choose the perfect space.
  5. Entertainment: New York City has lots to offer for entertainment. From Broadway Shows & Musicals, Concerts, Sporting Events to Jazz and Comedy Clubs, they are many options and ways for families to enjoy a perfect evening together. A Professional Photographer to capture the event is also a good idea.
  6. Sightseeing/Must-See or Do: Call DNY with your wish list to make sure that your experience is custom designed just for you to match your interests and budget around the celebration. Please keep in mind that some guests may want to spend time on their own to enjoy what the city has to offer. Offering leisure time for everyone is also great idea.

To transform your dream into a reality contact: sales@dnykg.com or call +1-212-370-1319.

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