5 Tips to Turn Dreams into A Reality by Understanding What is in Plain View

Posted on May 13, 2014

The newly renovated Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art has an absolutely stunning exhibition celebrating the work of sculptor, artist and Haute Couture fashion Designer Charles James (1906-1978). Charles James used cloth as his medium to express his designs. He dressed the rich and famous for years.

What makes this exhibition so fascinating is the Metropolitan Museum’s approach to help the viewer understand Charles James’ creativity to execute these extraordinary designs. Using laser technology and robotics, a camera focuses on a precise location on the garment. As the screen comes to life, pattern pieces that make up the garment are shown on the screen. Using animation, the pieces come together so that the draping of cloth becomes the garment. The visual explanation allows you understand how the garment was created. It’s simply stunning and a wonderful example of what future of exhibitions can offer.

Discover New York and Beyond shows you what is hidden in plain view. Learn about the city in a personal and fun way through the talents of our educators in various fields: Art, Architecture, Hot Restaurants and Neighborhood Mom and Pop Shops, Theater, Sporting Events, Concerts, Fashion and Shopping, History, NY’s Waterfront, The Parks and Gardens of the City, A Taste of each of the Five Boroughs.

The following are 5 easy steps to turn your dreams into a reality using local experience, knowledge, creativity and planning.

  1. Purpose: Define the purpose of the program clearly so that correct expectations can be met.
  2. Background and history of past experiences: Provide the details about your audience, their gender, ages, culture and past experiences to provide a better program.
  3. Itinerary: Collaborate with your design team to create a planned route or journey with schedules, timetables, agenda, programs, tours so that the program flows correctly. Local knowledge will help you understand what is possible, and help save time and money. An itinerary can have as much free time as you wish. Whether it is a dinner reservation for two in a restaurant, or dinner for 300 using a private venue, knowing the correct options to offer takes local knowledge. New York has over 25,000 options and the noise levels are increasing daily.
  4. Reasonable budget range: Create a reasonable budget to deliver the cost of the program. The cost of the commodity is the selection of the correct venue, creation the menus, selection the wines, advancing the restaurant, adding décor, lighting, linens, entertainment, seating charts and escort cards, contracts and finalizing accounting so that the event works correctly.
  5. Accommodations: Add the hotel portion last so that the property is ideally located to accomplish what you want allowing guests to walk to as many places as possible, which eliminates unnecessary transportation while saves time and money.

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